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Latest Update on COVID-19 in Mongolia: 266 Mongolians evacuated from Japan

A chartered plane carrying 266 Mongolian nationals today landed at the Chinggis Khaan International Airport. There were 14 infants, more than 30 seniors and 3 pregnant women among the passengers. The plane also carried 1,284 kg of freight, reported the Ministry of Road and Transport Development.  

All passengers, cabin crew and medical professionals working aboard to care for and supervise the passengers’ health were taken directly to isolation facilities around Ulaanbaatar city for their mandatory 21-28-day quarantine. 

Also, two passengers with some suspicious symptoms were seated in separate places aboard and were brought to the National Center for Communicable Diseases for isolation along with 56 passengers who traveled to Japan from other countries before flying to Ulaanbaatar. 

The people arriving from Japan were not tested before boarding the flight in Tokyo due to Japan’s current policy only to carry out coronavirus testing for individuals with fever.

This is the sixth evacuation flight arranged by the government to bring its citizens stranded abroad due to COVID-19 related travel restrictions and a total of 1510 people have arrived in Mongolia until today on the flights. 



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